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The CrypTech team specializes in the hardware
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Global leaders in the crypto mining hardware industry

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Joe Stefanelli

Joe Stefanelli brings over fifteen years experience launching business ventures and building companies from the ground up. He has run many successful companies, and in 2016 founded Cryptech Solutions. He started off building GPU rigs at home but has since consulted on many large scale mine builds over the years and has grown Cryptech to be one of the leading hardware sellers in the space.

Joe is an expert in community building, and has built the largest Telegram marketplace for mining hardware, and one of the most active communities of mining focused Telegram groups. He has also dedicated the last 2 years to making the crypto-marketplace safer by building a system of trust and reputation.

Patty Stefanelli

Patty Stefanelli brings ten years of experience in IT management, operations, and business planning. She joined Cryptech Solutions in June 2019 and has since worked to further improve client-facing processes and the overall client experience. She brings a diverse skillset and unique outlook to the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space, recognizing a need to incorporate Lean thinking and continuous improvement to further advance this rapidly evolving industry.

Her educational background includes an MBA from Isenberg School of Management, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, a B.S. in Business Management from Babson College, with a concentration in IT Management, and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

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Globally connected – US based
– Boston, MA headquarters

We value our global publicly traded and award-winning
client base that we’ve built on trust and relationships

Our Story

Built on trust & relationships

Family owned and operated
US Based, globally connected
Top rated hardware seller in the
mining community

Community Building

Dedicated the last 2 years to making the crypto marketplace safer
Built one of the largest mining hardware marketplaces and mining community groups*
Designed and implemented marketplace ‘reputation’system

Professional touch on a rebellious industry

While guiding you along the whole way – getting you the best deal